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Bringing nearly two decades of experience in the Financial Planning and Wealth Management industry, Courtnie is not just a financial planner; she provides insight and personalized strategies to her clients, serving as a dedicated partner in in their financial journeys. 

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In this Forbes feature titled  “How Taking a Step Back Can Actually Move Your Business Forward”, Courtnie emphasizes the importance of stepping back from the daily grind of entrepreneurship to gain perspective and rejuvenate. 

Pursuing financial success is not only possible, it’s sustainable.

Courtnie’s approach is deeply personalized; she believes in understanding the individual stories, goals and needs of her clients to tailor strategies that not only meet but exceed their financial aspirations.


Creating strategies to manage and allocate resources effectively in an effort to achieve short-term and long-term financial goals.


Offering personalized guidance on portfolio optimization, asset allocation, and investment strategies.


Identifying, analyzing and mitigating potential risks to safeguard assets and optimize returns for clients.


Financial Planning focused for teachers in the Pennsylvania State Education Retirement System.

Take control of your financial future!

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Courtnie sits down with Attorney Christopher Muvdi from Masano Bradley. They discuss the importance of estate planning and the 3 essential documents everyone should have, regardless of age or employment status.
Sometimes it's the act of stepping back that propels a business or an entrepreneur forward, allowing for rejuvenation, innovation, and a reinvigorated approach to achieving objectives.
Courtnie is joined by Kelly Spayd, realtor with Keller Williams Platinum Realty. They discuss the current real estate market, interest rates, and where the market is headed.
In this month’s episode, Courtnie Nein, Wealth Manager, interviews Noah Brooks, Director of Investments at Good Life.

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